Contemporary (in)Securities

Studying Security at Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen


This blog has been set up as part of a student seminar series for the Insitut für Politikalwissenschaft at the University of Tübingen, Germany. It is designed to encourage students to reflect upon security’s manifestations in our uncertain contemporary world, and posts will therefore be principally the work of students. Each student will be tasked with posting a short weekly reflection on a current event of their choosing, and in these reflections they will be required to critically interrogate the various forms that (in)security takes, and the kinds of politics that become wrapped up in its practice.

Key questions under consideration include:

  • What are security’s referent objects? (I.e. What is it that is being secured?)
  • What forms of insecurity emerge through these events?
  • Who are security’s actors? (I.e. Who is involved in performing security?)
  • What constitutes a security practice?
  • What are different logics guide particular security performances?
  • Where do we locate responsibility for the forms of (in)security that emerge during these events?
  • How do we render particular security performances accountable?

This is an experiment in seminar teaching! Check back in with us to see whether it works!

For further details, contact:

Dr. Peter Forman (course convenor)

Twitter: peterjforman1

Email: peter.forman[at]