Women and Security – A letter to Björn Höcke

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Dear Mr. Höcke,

first of all, I want to thank you for the Facebook post of the 7th February of this year. As a politician from the German conservative and more rightwing party you seem to care about the situation of the German women. Therefore you put something very important on the agenda with your party the Alternative für Deutschland . You wrote:

“The living space were reduced and the space of fear got much bigger for our women and girls.
How many sexual abuses, rapes would have been not done, if something very normal would have been done, if we would have put more effort in border security of our country!”

And also:

“The number of genital mutilation has risen. Today there are living 47.000 women in Germany, which genitals have been mutilated. Close relatives bring many girls and women into their home countries, where they are circumcised in a very cruel way with barbaric methods. All of these women are suffering mental and physical at the rest of their life because of the consequences of this genital mutilation. The number of victims increased over 30 percent in the context of mass immigration from end of the year 2014 until the mid of 2016.
Let us be clear, that because of the mass immigration misogynist images were imported. And we have to further inform all women which are living in Germany, how much such an import (of misogynist images) can change the future and living conditions of women in this country.”

Okay Mister Höcke, migration, flight and expulsion are a huge challenge for the national security of every country. But national security is not just connected to cultural background. The most women suffering of behind the times images are the women which are already born in these backgrounds and families. Cultural backgrounds very often characterized by a very conservative interpretation of Islam and patriarchic structures and family structures.
But I can agree again with your opinion. In the night of new years eve 2015 predominantly men of North Africa organized themselves into smaller criminal groups to steal smart phones and money of women and they used this trouble on a big place like in cologne to also sexual abuse the women. These men immigrated into Germany, that is a fact. This was absolutely unacceptable and a very despising criminal act with female victims. But in the time of the clarification by the judge, something other horrible reality were discovered. The German law had some real serious lack regarding judging the perpetrator. If there were just perpetrators abuse some victims, nothing could have been brought them to prison. The offender must have seen the victim, intimidate it and threaten it in order to be sentenced by a court of justice. Luckily the German Ministry of Justice want to change that. But before that, this cruel and misogynistic law (women are mostly victims of sexual abuse) was made by Germans. Meaning not only migrants also German men (and women) can be acting cruel to women.

Because of cases like in 2015, you argue that Muslims or non-German groups of people, which you define, with their de facto anti-women images in their mind and sometimes anti-women images you think they might have, should be send out of Germany. New non-German groups which could come over the borders on German ground should be have a hard time to make it to Germany; you think this is how more security can be created for German women, and that we can recreate the security for women we had once. But when was the safest year for German women, please tell us an exact date. Before the crisis of the Syrian war and in Afghanistan and many young men from these countries coming to Germany, the most dangerous year was 2004. Long time before so many migrants and young Muslim refugees wanted to come to Germany. Yes, with the increase of young men coming to Germany there is also an increase of more criminality (because mostly young men will do criminal acts, in every culture and nation), but there is no causal relation between Muslim men coming to Germany and raping German women. Yes, there are these cases, I do not want to deny them. Every rape, sexual abuse is one too much and less security for women. But it is not just because of foreign men. Studies are showing, the number of rapes did not change too much during the last decade. Back to border security, you think if we control the borders with more border officials and policemen, likewise more border security at the Rheine and Oder will be made for German women. Do you really think, border security can hinder misogynist ideologies? Do you think there will be less rapes on blonde women because of that, less genital mutilation? First, thinking is free, ideologies cannot be stopped at borders, second even if there are many men coming with this mindset over the borders, do you think because they are so many I will voluntarily follow their restrictions? Before you torment all male Muslim migrants I would like to see what you really do for more security for women living in Germany. I do not mean more border security and letting in less migrants into Germany, what are you and your party doing if you speak so much about this topic? Did you speak with victims in persons, did you meet girls which experienced genital mutilation and asked what can be done for them, do you think they would answer please more border security? The only consequence for these young girls after more border security would be for instance that they have to go back to their home countries. You would just relocate the torture, but not destroy it. And when you ask women, which became victims of rapists or domestic violence; do you know who are statistically the most dangerous persons for women in Germany, their own, boyfriends, husband, relatives or men they know. Not the cruel unknown migrant is mostly the offender, it is the father, brother or the family. Should we now in order to bring more security for women forbid marriage and family. Hopefully not. Women were and are raped by their husbands and other men. Since the existence of humanity, women had suffered the most. It is about power, physical dominance and interpretation of patriarchy. For sure in Germany and most Western countries the situation was getting better during the last centuries. Women can mostly live safe, but that was not a consequence of border security than feminist movements and scientific research how to protect women better. For example, it means to send more female blue helmet soldiers in ex-war countries to hinder blue helmet soldiers raping the women they should actually protect. School education and no-taboo topics in school should be financed better by the state. That might help women. But isolation cannot be decrease spaces of fear. Fear is just a feeling, but real danger for women should be fight, not feelings should be determined by populist speeches and fake arguments.
Another highly questionable point is the advertisement for your party with AfD-photos showing female AfD-supporters holding the AfD-poster with the Niqab wearing women and the slogan: “The freedom of the woman is not negotiable.” And in the corner of the photo you can see the other slogan, take back your country. One point is annoying me a lot. Why is the niqab, which only 300 women are wearing in Germany such a hot topic. The journalist Fabian Köhler researched about this topic and found out something incredible, the most niqab wearing women in Germany are women from Saudi-Arabia coming to Germany as tourists or wives of their husbands, which are doing business. You also fight for a prohibition of wearing a burqa. Actually not any single women in Germany is wearing a burqa. Only women in Afghanistan are doing this. And I think if the Burqa is not existing in Germany and niqabs are wearing only a few hundred women, then why waste much energy fighting against something which rarely exists in Germany?

One other real controversy of your thesis to bring back more security to women is going back to your favorite women and family model, which you propagate as conservative, Christian and therefore good exemplary and ideal. A family where the men is working, the wife should stay at home, give birth to at least three children. I can inform you that this kind of family model does not give more security to women living in Germany. It is not a Christian role model, it is a role model of family which has its origins during the romanticism. The phenomena that women and men are not equal but equivalent. Women should do their jobs in the household and the men is still the head of the family and should decide all important decisions, if he is very nice and wisely, he ask his wife before. This kind of family model was very supported by the different Christian movements at that time. But this role model had its high point in the German Nazi time and 1950s as well as 1960s. Not a time were women were safer than today, husbands which can rape their wife by law, elections like in Switzerland without women as participants, women which had not the same chances of school education, university or even a career like men. Still the good old days? The good old days with much more security for women? You can still proof, women at that time had much less rights than today. Even if we fight for more women rights we are not at the end, not at all and we do not want to step backwards, especially not if we talk about women rights. Yes, you can find many good things about that time, but not that women had a much better and safer life than today in Germany. But as I see in your party program and personal quotes, it seems you wish likewise many Muslims are also living this kind of image of women. Women which should not have be the autonomy of their own sexuality. You want to contain the self-determined sexual freedom of women in order to maintain the German species, which you define. Me as a woman do not want that you can determine how I have to live, how many children I should give birth to. That is beyond your power. And when you wish same family structures for German families and women like Muslim men are already living in, but at the same time you say, you would like to send migrants out of this country for more security of women, you contradict yourself.
What brought more freedom, safety and maybe new challenges for women were the feminists and good researches about women which includes Gender-mainstreaming as well, which one you really do not like.
Gender-Mainstreaming, what a fancy English word, but in times (50s, 60s), where men and women were not able to bring more rights and sexual self -esteem, we need a process like this. To overthink the good old bad structures where women mostly fall behind men.
To finish my letter to you dear Mister Höcke, please show something concretely for more security for women living in Germany. A process of securitization, where you include all women you are talking about. And another big request, talk to this women. Girls which were genital mutilated, sexual abused or raped. And then make an image after the reality of this women living in Germany. I think men and women have to fight equally for more security for more people, but just with border security nobody is helped. How should border security look like. These are questions you should ask and not just yell something, people like to undermine their weird mindset build out of fake news and party propaganda. I hope my letter let you think more about border security and its connection to women security and putative migrants as rapists.

Warm regards and I expect you can do more than just propaganda speaks for women (or votes?)

Cosima Dumler



Björn Höcke on facebook:

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